BNSF MOW Equipment

The following two sets of photos of the bridge section replacement of the Muir Bridge were taken by Paul Lanyi in May 2003.

plbridge21.jpg plbridge22.jpg plbridge23.jpg plbridge24.jpg plbridge25.jpg plbridge26.jpg
plbridge27.jpg plbridge28.jpg plbridge29.jpg plbridge210.jpg plbridge211.jpg plbridge212.jpg

plbridge1.jpg plbridge2.jpg plbridge3.jpg plbridge4.jpg plbridge5.jpg plbridge6.jpg
plbridge7.jpg plbridge8.jpg plbridge9.jpg plbridge10.jpg plbridge11.jpg plbridge12.jpg
plbridge13.jpg plbridge14.jpg plbridge15.jpg plbridge16.jpg plbridge17.jpg plbridge18.jpg
plbridge19.jpg plbridge20.jpg plbridge21.jpg plbridge22.jpg plbridge23.jpg

The following photos of a welded rail train at Pinole were taken by Paul Lanyi in May 2003.

plcwr1.jpg plcwr2.jpg plcwr3.jpg plcwr4.jpg plcwr5.jpg plcwr6.jpg
plcwr7.jpg plcwr8.jpg plcwr9.jpg

The following photos of a switch/turnout replacement east of Gateley were taken by Paul Lanyi in May 2003. Notice how the ballast regulator is able to turn it self around.

plswitch1.jpg plswitch2.jpg plswitch3.jpg plswitch4.jpg

The following photos of snow removal equipment were sent to me by Richard Boyce. Richard took these photos in Glendive, MT. These photos are used here with Richard's permission.

dscn0397.jpg dscn0399.jpg dscn0401.jpg dscn0402.jpg dscn0403.jpg dscn0404.jpg
dscn0406.jpg dscn0408.jpg dscn0409.jpg dscn0410.jpg dscn0419.jpg dscn0420.jpg
dscn0503.jpg dscn0504.jpg

These photos were taken in Portland, Oregon during 1999 by Tom Daspit

pdx_1.jpg pdx_2.jpg pdx_3.jpg