L.B. Foster Company

The following photos were taken on May 14, 2003 in Santa Clara, CA. These photos were taken by Tom Daspit.
Need to find out who LBFX is

The following photos were taken in Santa Clara, CA on April 9, 2003 by Tom Daspit. They were used to deliver and drop new rail for the second track between Tamien and Capitol Expressway. The cars were marked LBFX for the L.B. Foster Company, who makes rail.

santaclara_04.09.03_00016.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00017.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00018.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00019.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00020.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00021.jpg
santaclara_04.09.03_00022.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00023.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00024.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00025.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00031.jpg santaclara_04.09.03_00032.jpg