Norfolk Southern MofW cars

Most of this equipment is still marked Southern, and N&W.

Pictures taken in the Spencer Yard, in September 1996.

Continous Welded rail and track panel cars.

Flat cars used to transport MW cars.

Close up of a Track Panel car.

Track Equipment

Pictures taken in Aiken SC, in July and September 1997.

Left front view of a ballast regulator.

Side view of the above ballast regulator.

Right front view of a switch tamper.

Rear view of the above switch tamper. Do you think that this tamper is prone to derail, with nine jacks stored on it? No, the Southern used jacks to raise the rails to the proper level for tamping.

Left rear view of a tamper.

Right rear view of the above tamper with the alignment trolley.

Right side view of the a small tamper with alignment trolleys.

Other MoW Equipment

Pictures taken in Aiken, SC in September 1997.

Highrail equipment parked at the Park Ave Station in Aiken SC.

Living quarters for MoW workers.

Pile Driver Consist

Pictures taken in Bath, SC, in September 1997.

Side view of a NS pile driver consist, including three gondolas, two box cars and one flat car. This consist has been on this siding since the end of June.

70 Ton 65 Ft, high side - mill gondola with drop ends (#318214), This car has a permanent fixture installed for the pile driver. Another pile driver mechanism is on the ground in front of the car. Greenville originally built this gondola in 1957. It has reached its 40-year life span for interchange service and has been placed in MoW service.

View looking up the pile driver, from the rear of the drop end gondola. The drop end on this side has been permanently removed.

Southern boom car (#992320) for pile driver.

NW Box car (#517819) for pile driver tools. Hand painted for "MW"

Southern Box car (#900070) for pile driver tools.

Southern flat (#992325) with a vehicle unloading ramp. The crane (according to the inspection card) should have been on this flat. That is the reason for the unloading ramp.

Southern gondola with assorted junk (#910038).

Ballast Hoppers

Pictures taken north of Nixon Yard Augusta, GA, September 1997.

NS ballast hopper #994783. They were dropping ballast where I could not get to take a picture. I could only photograph these as they crossed the street.

NS 100 Ton 2400 Cu Ft ballast hopper #994546. Car numbers in the series are 994500-994599.

Southern ballast hopper #994405. This one was on a siding in the yard.