Plasser American

The following photos were sent to me by Richard Boyce. Richard took these photos SF Hobby Yard, Houston, TX. These photos are used here with Richard's permission.

dscn1070.jpg dscn1071.jpg dscn1072.jpg dscn1073.jpg dscn1074.jpg dscn1075.jpg
dscn1076.jpg dscn1077.jpg dscn1078.jpg dscn1079.jpg dscn1080.jpg dscn1081.jpg
dscn1082.jpg dscn1083.jpg dscn1084.jpg dscn1085.jpg dscn1086.jpg dscn1087.jpg
dscn1088.jpg dscn1089.jpg dscn1090.jpg dscn1091.jpg dscn1092.jpg dscn1093.jpg